August 6 Deaths

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August 6th, 2007 (August 06 2007)DeathZsolt Daczi, Hungarian rock guitarist (Bikini, Omen, Carpathia Project Tirana Rockers, solo) (born in 1969)
August 6th, 2007 (August 06 2007)DeathHeinz Barth, German convicted war criminal (SS) (born in 1920)
August 6th, 2005 (August 06 2005)DeathIbrahim Ferrer, Cuban musician (Buena Vista Social Club) (born in 1927)
August 6th, 2005 (August 06 2005)DeathKeter Betts, American jazz bassist (born in 1928)
August 6th, 2005 (August 06 2005)DeathRobin Cook, British politician (born in 1946)
August 6th, 2004 (August 06 2004)DeathRick James, American musician (born in 1948)
August 6th, 2002 (August 06 2002)DeathEdsger Dijkstra, Dutch computer scientist (born in 1930)Edsger Dijkstra Quotes
August 6th, 2001 (August 06 2001)DeathJorge Amado de Faria, Brazilian writer (born in 1912)
August 6th, 2001 (August 06 2001)DeathDorothy Tutin, English actress (born in 1930)
August 6th, 2001 (August 06 2001)DeathWilhelm Mohnke, one of the original 120 members of the Nazi SS-Staff Guard (born in 1911)Wilhelm Mohnke Quotes
August 6th, 1998 (August 06 1998)DeathAndre Weil, French mathematician (born in 1906)Andre Weil Quotes
August 6th, 1994 (August 06 1994)DeathDomenico Modugno, Italian singer and songwriter (born in 1928)
August 6th, 1993 (August 06 1993)DeathTex Hughson, American baseball player (born in 1916)
August 6th, 1991 (August 06 1991)DeathRoland Michener, Canadian politician and governor general (born in 1900)
August 6th, 1991 (August 06 1991)DeathShapour Bakhtiar, Former Iranian prime minister, assassinated in Paris (born in 1915)
August 6th, 1991 (August 06 1991)DeathHarry Reasoner, American television reporter (born in 1923)
August 6th, 1990 (August 06 1990)DeathJacques Soustelle, French anthropologist (born in 1912)
August 6th, 1987 (August 06 1987)DeathIra Eaker, American Air Force leader (born in 1896)
August 6th, 1986 (August 06 1986)DeathEmilio Fernandez, Mexican actor, screenwriter and film director (born in 1904)
August 6th, 1983 (August 06 1983)DeathKlaus Nomi, German singer (born in 1944)
August 6th, 1979 (August 06 1979)DeathFeodor Felix Konrad Lynen, German biochemist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1911)
August 6th, 1978 (August 06 1978)DeathPope Paul VI (born in 1897)
August 6th, 1976 (August 06 1976)DeathGregor Piatigorsky, Russian cellist (born in 1903)
August 6th, 1974 (August 06 1974)DeathGene Ammons, American jazz saxophonist (born in 1925)
August 6th, 1973 (August 06 1973)DeathMemphis Minnie, American blues singer (born in 1897)
August 6th, 1973 (August 06 1973)DeathFulgencio Batista, Cuban president and de facto leader (born in 1901)
August 6th, 1969 (August 06 1969)DeathTheodor Adorno, German sociologist and philosopher (born in 1903)Theodor Adorno Quotes
August 6th, 1966 (August 06 1966)DeathCordwainer Smith, American writer (born in 1913)
August 6th, 1964 (August 06 1964)DeathSir Cedric Hardwicke, English actor (born in 1893)
August 6th, 1959 (August 06 1959)DeathPreston Sturges, American playwright, screenwriter, and director (born in 1898)
August 6th, 1946 (August 06 1946)DeathTony Lazzeri, American baseball player (born in 1903)
August 6th, 1945 (August 06 1945)DeathRichard Bong, American ace fighter pilot and Medal of Honor recipient (born in 1920)
August 6th, 1945 (August 06 1945)DeathHiram Johnson, American politician (born in 1866)Hiram Johnson Quotes
August 6th, 1945 (August 06 1945)DeathPrince Wu of Korea (born in 1912)
August 6th, 1931 (August 06 1931)DeathBix Beiderbecke, American musician (born in 1903)
August 6th, 1920 (August 06 1920)DeathStefan Bastyr, Polish aviator, first flight in independent Poland (born in 1890)
August 6th, 1914 (August 06 1914)DeathEllen Louise Wilson, first wife of President Woodrow Wilson (born in 1860)
August 6th, 1904 (August 06 1904)DeathEduard Hanslick, Austrian music critic (born in 1825)
August 6th, 1893 (August 06 1893)DeathJean-Jacques Challet-Venel, member of the Swiss Federal Council (born in 1811)
August 6th, 1884 (August 06 1884)DeathRobert Spear Hudson, English businessman (born in 1812)
August 6th, 1881 (August 06 1881)DeathJames White, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (born in 1821)
August 6th, 1866 (August 06 1866)DeathJohn Mason Neale, English divine, scholar and hymnwriter (born in 1818)
August 6th, 1850 (August 06 1850)DeathEdward Walsh, Irish poet (born in 1805)
August 6th, 1828 (August 06 1828)DeathKonstantin von Benckendorff, Russian general and statesman
August 6th, 1815 (August 06 1815)DeathJames A. Bayard (elder), United States Senator from Delaware (born in 1767)
August 6th, 1794 (August 06 1794)DeathHenry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst, British politician (born in 1714)
August 6th, 1759 (August 06 1759)DeathEugene Aram, English philologist (born in 1704) Philo Quotes
August 6th, 1753 (August 06 1753)DeathGeorg Wilhelm Richmann, Russian physicist (struck by lightning) (born in 1711)
August 6th, 1695 (August 06 1695)DeathFrancois de Harlay de Champvallon, French Catholic archbishop (born in 1625)
August 6th, 1694 (August 06 1694)DeathAntoine Arnauld, French philosopher and mathematician (born in 1612) Philo Quotes
August 6th, 1679 (August 06 1679)DeathJohn Snell, English royalist (born in 1629)
August 6th, 1660 (August 06 1660)DeathDiego Velazquez, Spanish painter (born in 1599)
August 6th, 1657 (August 06 1657)DeathBohdan Khmelnytsky, Polish-Lithuanian noble
August 6th, 1645 (August 06 1645)DeathLionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex, English merchant (born in 1575)
August 6th, 1637 (August 06 1637)DeathBen Jonson, English writer (born in 1572)Ben Jonson Quotes
August 6th, 1628 (August 06 1628)DeathJohannes Junius, Mayor of Bamberg (born in 1573) Junius Quotes
August 6th, 1623 (August 06 1623)DeathAnne Hathaway (Shakespeare s wife) (born in 1556)Anne Hathaway Quotes
August 6th, 1458 (August 06 1458)DeathPope Callixtus III (born in 1378)
August 6th, 1414 (August 06 1414)DeathKing Ladislas of Naples (born in 1377)
August 6th, 1272 (August 06 1272)DeathKing Stephen V of HungaryStephen King Quotes
August 6th, 1221 (August 06 1221)DeathSaint Dominic, Spanish founder of the Dominicans (born in 1170)
August 6th, 1195 (August 06 1195)DeathHenry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria (born in 1129)
August 6th, 1162 (August 06 1162)DeathRamon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona
August 6th, 0523 (August 06 0523)DeathSaint Pope Hormisdas
August 6th, 0258 (August 06 0258)DeathSaint Pope Sixtus II

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